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Certified Courses in cumbria

Courses with roads or paths which have unsealed surfaces (ie not tarmac, concrete, paving slabs etc.) are not issued with a Certificate of Course Accuracy to IAAF standards but are issued with a document titled Registered Distance and are highlighted in red below.

Courses which are multi-terrain are issued with a Statement of Measurement and are highlighted in grey below.

Calibration Courses which may used by course measurers are highlighted in green below

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Course No
Race Name
Course Name
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17/325 Sport in Action 10K Sport in Action 10K
17/324 DH River Run 10K DH River Run 10K
17/214 Crosby - Ellenborough 10K Crosby - Ellenborough 10K
17/109 3 Village 5 3 Village 5
17/108 3 Village 10 3 Village 10
16/470 Helvellyn 10KM Helvellyn 10k
16/470 Helvellyn 10k Helvellyn 10k
16/453 arlisle Resolution 5k Carlisle Resolution 5k
16/304 Staveley 10K Staveley 10K
16/265 Workington 5K Workington 5K
16/264 Resolution Run Resolution Run
16/220 Workington 10K Workington 10K
16/071 St Bridgets 10K Brigham 10K
16/070 Brigham 10K Brigham 10K
16/005 Brathay Windermere Maarathon Windermere Marathon
16/005 Asics Windermere Marathon Windermere Marathon
16/004 Brathay Windermere Half Marathon Windermere Half Marathon
15/351 Langdale Half Marathon Langdale Half Marathon
15/350 Langdale Marathon Langdale Marathon
15/316 Run Cumbria Eden Valley 10 mile Eden Valley 10 miler
15/240 Netherhall 10 Netherhall 10
15/226 Stoneybeck 10K Stoneybeck 10K
15/214 Keswick Half Marathon Keswick Half Marathon
15/156 Heart of Eden Half marathon Heart of Eden Half marathon
15/039 Ennerdale 10K Ennerdale 10K
14/423 Ravenstonedale 10KM road race Ravenstonedale 10K
14/423 Ravenstonedale 10K Ravenstonedale 10K
14/423 Ravenstonedale 10Km Ravenstonedale 10K
14/373 Derwentwater 10 Derwentwater 10
14/302 Paul Jarvis Memorial Mile Paul Jarvis Memorial Mile
14/300 Ulverston Charter 5k ULVERSTON CHARTER 5K
14/079 Appleby 10K Appleby 10K
14/079 Appleby Rotary 10k Appleby 10K
14/056 Langdale 10Ks Langdale 10Ks
13/199 Burton in Kendal 10K Burton in Kendal 10K
13/146 Moorclose 10K Moorclose 10K
13/106 Keswick Round the Houses Keswick Round the Houses
13/070 Isel Hall 10K Isel Hall 10K
13/041 Dentdale Run Dentdale Run
13/040 Sport in Action 10m Longtown 10 Mile
13/040 Longtown 10 Mile Longtown 10 Mile
13/040 Arthuret 10 Longtown 10 Mile
13/039 Haweswater Half Marathon Haweswater Half Marathon
12/297 Whitehaven Harbour 5K Whitehaven Harbour 5K
12/249 Cross Border 10K Cross Border 10K
12/192 Bendrigg 10K Bendrigg 10K
12/124 Hawkshead 10K Hawkshead 10K
12/123 Kendal 3 mile Kendal 3
12/086 Coniston "14" Coniston 14
12/041 Gosforth 10 Gosforth 10
12/041 Gosforth 10 Mile Gosforth 10
12/040 Gosforth 10K Gosforth 10K
12/039 Lorton 10K Lorton 10K
11/282 Ulverston 10km Ulverston 10K
11/282 Ulverston 10K Ulverston 10K
11/231 Brampton to Carlisle Brampton to Carlisle
11/199 Kirkby Stephen 10k Kirkby Stephen 10K
11/199 Kirkby Stephen 10 KM Road Race Kirkby Stephen 10K
11/199 Kirkby strephen 10KM road race Kirkby Stephen 10K
11/199 Kirkby Stephen 10Km Road race Kirkby Stephen 10K
11/102 Moorclose 10K Moorclose
11/085 Abbeytown 10 mile Road Run Abbeytown 10
11/067 Keswick Round The Houses Keswick Round The Houses
10/066 Eaglesfield Paddle 6K Eaglesfield Paddle 6K
10/065 Eaglesfield Paddle 5K Eaglesfield Paddle 5K
10/065 Hospice at Home West Cumbria Eaglesfield 5k Eaglesfield Paddle 5K
10/064 Eaglesfield Paddle Four Eaglesfield Paddle Four
10/058 Great Cumbrian Run Great Cumbrian Run
10/041 West Cumbrian Run West Cumbrian Run
10/019 Levens 10K Levens 10K
10/018 Kendal 10K Kendal 10K
10/017 Endmoor 10K Endmoor 10K
10/012 Lambfoot Loop 10K Lambfoot Loop 10K (Cockermouth)
10/012 Lambfoot Loop Lambfoot Loop 10K (Cockermouth)
10/012 Lambfoot Loop 10K (Cockermouth) Lambfoot Loop 10K (Cockermouth)
10/011 Carlisle Resolution 10K Carlisle Tri 10K
10/011 Resolution 10 km Carlisle Tri 10K
10/011 Resolution 10km 2016 Carlisle Tri 10K
10/011 Carlisle Tri 10km Road Race Carlisle Tri 10K
10/011 Carlisle Tri 10K Carlisle Tri 10K
10/011 Resolution 10KM Carlisle Tri 10K
10/010 Keswick Half Marathon Keswick Half Marathon
10/007 Newlands Valley Round Newlands Valley Round
09/556 Commonwealth Champs. 24 Hr.(Keswick) Commonwealth Champs. 24 Hr.(Keswick
09/546 Commonwealth Champs. 100K (Keswick) Commonwealth Champs. 100K (Keswick)
09/540 South Lakes Half Marathon South Lakes Half Marathon
09/533 Lune Valley & Howgills Ten Lune Valley & Howgills Ten
09/520 Newlands Valley Round Newlands Valley Round
09/519 Moorclose 10K (Workington) Moorclose 10K (Workington)
08/521 Stephen Unwin 10K (Carlisle) Stephen Unwin 10K (Carlisle)
07/546 Cumberland Ale Ten Cumberland Ale Ten
07/546 Cumberland Ale 10 Cumberland Ale Ten
07/546 Cumerland Ale 10 Cumberland Ale Ten
07/501 Windermere Marathon Windermere Marathon
07/501 Brathay Windermere Marathon Windermere Marathon
06/566 Keswick/Buttermere 34K Keswick/Buttermere 34K
06/566 Keswick - Butttermere 34 K Keswick/Buttermere 34K
06/558 Langdale Mar. & Half Mar. Langdale Mar. & Half Mar.
06/540 Ellenborough 10K Ellenborough 10K
06/503 Netherhall Ten Netherhall Ten
05/544 Spadeadam Half Marathon Spadeadam Half Marathon
03/550 Derwentwater Ten Derwentwater Ten
03/550 Derwentwater 10 Derwentwater Ten
03/503 Haweswater Half Marathon Haweswater Half Marathon
02/547 Burton In Kendal 10K Burton In Kendal 10K
02/532 Hawkshead 10K Hawkshead 10K
02/501 Grasmoor “Bodyfit” 5K Grasmoor “Bodyfit” 5K
99/501 Dentdale Run Dentdale Run
97/525 Dallam Dash 10K Dallam Dash 10K
96/547 Ulverston 10K Ulverston 10K
95/533 Ravenstonedale 10K Ravenstonedale 10K
94/597 Brampton To Carlisle Brampton To Carlisle
93/567 Keswick (Round The Houses) Keswick (Round The Houses)
92/516 Coniston ` 14 ' Coniston ` 14 '
92/506 Bendrigg (Kendal) 10K Bendrigg (Kendal) 10K
90/658 Gosforth 10K Gosforth 10K
90/561 Gosforth Ten Gosforth Ten
90/543 Dalton Charter 10K Dalton Charter 10K

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