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Most runners, who are interested in their performance, realise the importance of having courses accurately measured in order to make comparisons of times sensible and to make PBs and records possible.


On this site you can find out how Course Measurers, trained & qualified by the Association of UK Course Measurers, help race directors provide courses with an error of less than 10m in a 10km race.


Have a look at the following: A short description of course measuring.


Read our introductory lesson on how a measurer does the measurement and his calculations.


Read the history of how the late John Jewell set up modern course measurement in the UK 45 years ago.


However, if you are more interested in the courses than how measuring it is done and you run in the Midlands or South of England, then we have lists of every course which has been certified accurate during the last 20 years organised by county, and has received a Certificate of Course Accuracy. We also have the latest lists of courses from the North of englandYou will find that for courses in the South measured since the beginning of 2004 we have a copy of the map made by the course measurer, showing the exact route. So you can check whether the course you ran was exactly the one measured by the UKA accredited Course Measurer.


A final word of warning: course distances indicated by Garmin and other GPS devices are much less accurate than those measured by a UKA accredited course measurer on his carefully calibrated bicycle. Have a look at our GPS USERS page.


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