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Why aren't races organised by Triathlon Clubs certified as accurate?


Some are! - provided the Triathlon Club/Organiser has obtained a road race licence from UKA and have had their course officially measured by an a measurer accredited to measure courses for the UKA. So, ask the organiser if he has a licence from the UKA (RunBritain) and what his course measurement number is. It will be listed on this website if it has been certified as accurate.


However, some triathlon organisers put on road races for which they may give an impression to runners of being of an acccurate distance when they have not been measured. A certificates of course accuracy are only issued for races licenced by UKA or ARC because these organisations have rules concerning course measurement.


When the Course Measurement Working Party approached the British Triathlon Association we were told they had no requirements concerning accuracy of course measurement:

.... enquiries had revealed that the British Triathlon Association had no requirements concerning the accuracy of measurement of the running leg of their triathlon courses. Also their rules do not cover, and they do not license, road races. Some triathlon clubs have their road races licensed and measured through the UKA/CMWP system, but the insurance position for others is unclear. Runners should be warned to check that road races organised by triathlon bodies are properly licensed and insured. It was thought it might be helpful to runners to point this out on the course measurement website since confusion sometimes arises over the measurement status of road races organised by some triathlon promoters. (Extract from the minutes of the Course Measurement Working Party meeting held December 2011)

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