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To become an accredited course measurer in the Association of UK Course Measurers you can attend a 2 day training seminar which explains the method of using a calibrated bicycle, explains the necessary calculations, and gives practice in measuring courses. At the end of the seminar, the trainee has to write up a measurement report on one of the practice measurements he has made. If he shows an understanding of the methods, and if his practical and written report is up to scratch, then he is recommended to the chairman of the Course Measurement Working Party for appointment as a grade 2 measurer.


An alternative on-line training method became available in 2005. This consists of theory lessons given over web and backed up with email or phone interaction with a tutor. Followed by a one day practical seminar. This has the advantage that the novices can became familiar with course measurement at their own pace as they work through this introductory lesson which is followed by ten theory lessons.


Most people who can ride a bike steadily and cope with simple calculator maths have no difficulty in qualifying, although some do find the seminar to be quite an intense learning experience. Few fail to make the grade.


At present we are encouraging would-be measurers to do the on-line theory lessons, and then we will offer a one day practical which can be organised at a suitable location. You will probably be asked to travel to the home ground of an instructor, such as Abingdon. However, if there is a demand from a group of trainee measurers, an instructor may be able to arrange the practical at a suitable location in their vicinity. There is no limitation on the numbers who can try their hand at the introductory lesson, but due to the cost of practical seminars and the free issue Jones-Riegel counter, we limit the numbers and try and provide a reasonable spread across the UK. We do try and avoid too many measurers in one location, which would lead to too few opportunities for measuring. So please either make contact with local measurers within 15 to 20 miles and ask whether a new measurer is needed in your area, or consult your area measurement secretary.

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