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If the course has not changed at all, and there are no changes to start or finish, nor at any corner or in the section of road available to runners, then you may apply for renewal of certificates not more than 10 years old. (i.e. certificates issued in 2000 will not be renewed for races to be held in 2011.)


If your race is in England or Wales, you can supply all the details for the renewal using an on-line form on this website at coursemeasurement.org.uk/renew Your renewal certificate will be emailed to you within 14 days.


The alternative for those without web & email access is to supply the details on paper. Using the course measurement scheme form, you can fill in section C to declare that course will be EXACTLY as described in the measurer's report. Send a copy of this form direct to your area measurement secretary (see contacts) to provide the information that will be needed to send you a renewed certificate for the new race date.


The renewed Certificate of Course Accuracy must be on display to runners and officials on race day.

For certificates more than ten years old either a remeasurement should be arranged, or a measurer with current knowledge of the course should inspect the original measurement report and if he can confirm to the area measurement secretary that no changes have taken place then a new certificate will be issued.


    Note: The race director must be in possession of a copy of the original race measurement report and consult it each year. Experience shows that if a race organisation relies on memory, changes can sometimes unfortunately creep in which may result in short courses. Copies of the original race measurement report are held on file by the area Course Measurement Secretary and possibly also by the original measurer. Copies may be obtained by any runner, official or race organiser. For the South send £2 to

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