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INSTRUCTIONS FOR DOWNLOADING: If you left click on the link your browser should open the document which you can then save in your computer, alternatively right click on the link and choose save target as ... from the popup menu.


MS Word .doc Version:

The latest measurement report forms can be downloaded as MS Word documents.

Summary Sheet (updated for Jan 2011) This version can be used for any area

Summary sheets with area measurement sec details already filled in: South, Midlands, North, Wales

Measurement Data Sheet

Calibration Sheet

For south only summary,data, and cal sheets combined in a single .doc file:

PDF version:

AUKCM summary sheet for Midlands, South, North, Wales

N.B. If you submit the summary information online you can download a .pdf file with the info for inclusion in your report.


If you submit a measurment report electronically, the preferred format is as a single .pdf file. This can be produced by printing your documents to pdf printer software which converts it to .pdf files. These then need to be combined into a single .pdf file.


If you are unable to produce this format which is used for the electronic archive of measurement reports since 2004, then send me docs and I will do the conversion for you. Alternatively submit your reports on paper and I will scan them into a .pdf file.


There is some old info written in 2006 about making .pdfs here

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