Later we will learn how to layout and measure a perfectly straight calibration course between 300 and 800 m long. What we show here is how to calibrate the bike.

  1. We set the reference point on the bike (we explain how to choose a reference point later) exactly over the nail marking one end of the calibration course.
  2. Record the reading to the nearest half digit (Start reading of ride 1)
  3. Ride to the nail marking other end of the calibration course
  4. Record reading to nearest half digit (End reading of ride 1)
  5. Repeat 1 to 4 riding in opposite direction for Ride 2
  6. Repeat 1 to 4 for Ride 3
  7. Repeat 5 for Ride 4. We have now done 4 rides. Two in each direction.

We have now written down in our note book the following:

  Start count End count Increment
Ride 1 70015 77120  
Ride 2 78180 85286.5  
Ride 3 86310 93414.5  
Ride 4 95473 02580  

The calibration course is 652.34 m long.

Before clicking to the answers on the next page, calculate the increment for each ride, then the average increment, then the calibration constant.

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