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1. Calibration Courses: Selection, Layout & Riding

The Qawra Calibration Course in Malta

Here are the digital camera pictures I took to document one end of the calibration course at Qawra. You don't have to take pictures, they are time consuming to edit. A hand drawn sketch is adequate and you may well find it quicker to insert such a sketch in your report. Below I show the sketch I produced from the pictures in order to define the position of the two nails marking this end of the course.

As a digression, albeit one with a measuring moral, I will tell a short story about this calibration course in Malta.

In 2000 I was asked as an IAAF measurer to measure a course in Malta for the European Vets Championships. I never thought that I would come back to Malta so I did not record the position of the nails. For me it was a one-time calibration course. Then in 2005 I was asked to measure an adjustment to an AIMS event, the Malta Challenge Marathon. As the start of this was close to the 2000 calibration course I thought I would reuse it. I had to find the nails by memory. But fortunately my measuring memory was not too dimmed by the passage of 5 years.

However, the nails had corroded in the seaside salt to a dark colour that closely matched the road. I must have searched very close to the actual locations for nearly an hour. I found the two in the picture on my second attempt. At the other end I eventually found the nail after getting a parked car moved. Of course once cleaned up and marked with a paint spray they are easy to see in the inset on the photo above. I had been lucky to find them again. In fact I could have measured the cal course again solo in little more than an hour. Had I spent ten minutes more back in 2000 measuring the nail position and documenting it, I would have saved time in 2005.

In fact with the measurements I have now recorded I could reinsert the nails within a few mm of the correct position should the road be resurfaced.

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