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Measurement method, data, & calculations for the 2012 Olympic Marathon

Assembled by Mike Sandford during January 2013.
First Published on 31 Jan 2013 at coursemeasurement.org.uk/olympics2012/
Website was last revised on 9 February 2013.

Narrative Account by Mike Sandford: Background | Measurement Rides | Data Analysis Summary | Data Analysis (detail)

Photo by Geoffrey Sandford


  1. The Length of the Calibration course in the Mall. (by Steel Tape method and Laser method.)
  2. Marathon Course Map by Hugh Jones
  3. Course Analysis Presentation by Nathan Jones - with 94 photos.
    This is also available as a pdf (~6MB 50 Pages)
  4. Measurement report prepared by Hugh Jones (pdf)
  5. Measurement data for the marathon course obtained by Mike Sandford
  6. Mike's calculations from counts of the 3 riders + Summary & Comparison
  7. Details of laser rangefinder method (Measuring the Park Road Calibration Course in Abingdon) This gives full details with pictures of the laser method similar to that used for The Mall.

As an alternative to reading online the series of pages indexed here, I have prepared a pdf file (~7MB and ~69 Pages) of this website [this version complied at 11.30 on 9 Febuary 2013. The website may have been updated since this version of the pdf was prepared].

History of Olympic Marathon Measurement 1984-2008

©2012-2013. Copyright MCW Sandford except for:
The Map and Report by Hugh Jones and the Course Analysis Presentation by Nathan Jones have been reproduced with the permission of the authors, and remain their copyright.

I thank David Katz and Hugh Jones for giving me the opportunity to particpate and sharing their results, and Pete Riegel for his contributions after the measurement.