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Report on UKA Measurer Upgrading Seminar, Abingdon, 25 June 2006 .pdf file (853 kB)

Papers on Variation of Calibration Constant with Surface Texture. These were originally printed in Measurement News and are made available here for those who want on-line access.

The Temperature Sensitivity of Pneumatic Tyres (report of an experiment on 12 tyres by 6 measurers) .pdf file (142kB)

Course Measurement Report for the Walks of 7th European Veterans Athletics Non-Stadia Championships, Malta 28/20 Apr 2001 .pdf file (1056kB)

Measurement for a marathon on the Harrow School Track, 7 Dec 2012 .pdf file (144kb)

My Web pages of notes on various topics:

Checking the rolling radius -6 July 2008 details of an experiment I carried out while investigating whether the rolling radius for a bike wheel is given by the hieght of the axle above the ground .

The 7 foot (portable) Calibration Course An exercise to determine how accurately calibrations could be determined with just two wheel rotations.