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Measurement Charges & Expenses – Affiliated Clubs

Charges and expenses for measurement services are a matter for agreement between race organisers and the measurer, and should be discussed at the first contact.

The following guidelines for measurements in the UK were updated by the Course Measurement Working Party on and apply from 1 Jan 2018 to races organised by affiliated athletic and running clubs.

Daily Measurement Charge

The measurer may charge a maximum of £50 per day or part day of measuring. This charge should be set by the measurer to cover average administration costs of a measurement (stationery, printing, postage, telephone, etc), a contribution to the costs of the measurer’s equipment and consumables, and other incidental costs. (Where an affiliated club has a big sponsor onboard, a market price, as for other organisers, may be appropriate.)


Travel by car will be charged at a rate depending on the car used, up to a maximum of 45p/mile. Travel by public transport will be charged at cost. Use of taxis should be agreed with the race organiser in advance. Measurers travelling to and from the measurement by bicycle may claim a contribution to the maintenance costs of the bicycle.


Where the location, duration or timing of the measurement requires, the measurer may claim the reasonable cost of meals and accommodation. Alternatively, the race organiser may provide these.

Measurement Charges & Expenses – other organisers

This includes commercial race organisers, local authorities, voluntary bodies and charities.

Measurement Charge: Download pdf with examples of charges from aukcm.org.uk

The measurer will negotiate the fee with the race organiser to cover his costs and professional services. (This is likely to vary considerably, depending on the financial position of the event.)

Travel & Subsistence: Travel and subsistence will be charged as above.

Note: It is helpful to provide an itemised invoice detailing mileage, meals, and other expenses.

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