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Certified Courses in Jersey

Courses with roads or paths which have unsealed surfaces (ie not tarmac, concrete, paving slabs etc.) are not issued with a Certificate of Course Accuracy to UKA standards, which follow World Athletics standards, but are issued with a document titled Registered Distance and are highlighted in red below.

Courses which are multi-terrain are issued with a Statement of Measurement and are highlighted in grey below.

Calibration Courses which may used by course measurers are highlighted in green below

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Course No
Race Name
Course Name
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20/164 Les Quennevais 3000m Les Quennevais 3000m
20/163 Les Quennevais 1500m
20/163 Les Quennevais 1500m Les Quennevais 1500m
19/327 RH Summer Fun Runs Seven Investment 3k Challenge
19/327 Seven Investment Management 3k Challenge Seven Investment 3k Challenge
19/196 Headway 10 Mile Headway 10 Mile
19/195 Headway 10k Headway 10k
19/194 RH Summer Fun Runs Harbour View 1500m
19/194 Run Je 5k dash Junior 1500m Harbour View 1500m
19/194 St Helier Harbour View 1500m Harbour View 1500m
19/193 St Helier Harbour View 5k Harbour View 5k
18/589 Run Je 5k dash Freedom Tree 5k
18/589 Save our shelter 5k by Run.Je Freedom Tree 5k
18/346 RUN.JE North Coast 1500m St Johns 1500m
18/345 RUN.JE North Coast 10k St Johns 10k
18/308 Jersey Spartan Autumn Half FB Fields Half Marathon
18/174 FB Fields 10k FB Fields 10k
18/172 Sands 10 Mile Sands 10 Mile
18/163 West Park 5k West Park 5k
18/162 Freedom Tree 10k Freedom Tree 10k
18/156 St Helier Harbour 5k Harbour 5k
15/508 Jersey Spartan Half Marathon Jersey Spartan Half Marathon
15/508 Jersey Spartans Half Marathon Jersey Spartan Half Marathon
12/264 Jersey Marathon Jersey Marathon
12/264 Standard Chartered Jersey Marathon Jersey Marathon
07/098 Standard Chartered Jersey Mara Jersey Marathon
02/085 Jersey Half Marathon Jersey Half Marathon
01/092 Total Sport Half Marathon Hash House Half - Jersey
01/092 Hash House Half - Jersey Hash House Half - Jersey
01/092 Total Sport Half - Jersey Hash House Half - Jersey
97/131 Jersey Spring 10k Jersey Spring 10k
97/070 Portugese Club 5k Race for Life
97/070 Race for Life Race for Life
97/014 Island Games Half Marathon Island Games Half Ma
93/172 Jersey Marathon Jersey Marathon 2002085
90/191 Coca Cola Coca Cola 1999999
90/071 Hash House Hash House 2001092
90/056 Andy Coughlan 10 Andy Coughlan 10 1999999
89/043 St Aubins 10k St Aubins 10k 1999999
88/116 Hash House Hash House 1999999
88/097 Jersey Jersey 1999999
88/020 Spartan 20 Spartan 20 1999999
88/010 Autumn 10k Autumn 10k
88/001 Corbiere - Corey 15m Corbiere - Corey 15m 1999999

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