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Measurement of 5km parkruns by AUKCM Measurers

(n.b. These measurements have not been certified accurate for the parkrun. If the same course is also used for a road race, this may have been certified accurate by the Area Measurement Secretary. (See county listings - South, Midlands & Wales or North)

From minutes of CMWP held on 30 nov 2013

Item 8: PARKRUNS - Report by Colin Tether
Colin's report is posted on the AUKCM website.

Colin and Phil Holland met Tom Williams of parkrun on 20 November and Colin's report
included provisional actions arising from that meeting. Tom had now proposed changes to
the course description on the parkrun website to read as follows,

Our courses are measured and laid out to be as close to 5,000 metres as resources and
local conditions allow. Due to the nature of parkrun events we do not hold official
certification of distance however many of them have been measured by the Association
of UK Course Measurers. Where this isn't the case we have measured as accurately as
possible ourselves using a surveyor's wheel.

He also emphasised that parkrun considered their events to be informal timed runs,
rather than races, and that it was not always possible to meet the exacting standards
required for course certification. For this reason, parkrun times were now in a separate
category on the Power of 10 rankings site.

Colin said that parkrun were keen to cooperate with AUKCM and would like a listing of
parkrun courses which had been measured by AUKCM on the website, but would prefer
that they were not certified. Phil Cook said that his parkrun course in Cardiff was
accurately measured and was used and certified for other events. Other measurers
mentioned similar cases.

Mike Sandford thought that it would be possible to have a separate page on the website
listing measured parkrun courses. The entries would be less detailed than those for
certified courses, and would be entered directly by the measurer – the ACMS would not
need to be involved.

ACTION - Mike Sandford to investigate inclusion of parkrun listing on website

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