9. Answer to Distance between Rollovers

Distance between rollovers = Counts divided by calibration constant = 100,000 / 10904 = 9.1709 km

To convert to Km to miles always divide by 1.609344 (try and remember just this one constant for the conversion so you will not mistake which way round to use it or confuse the exact digits) To convert miles to km multiply by 1.609344.

9.1709 km = 9.1709/1.609344 = 5.6985 miles = 5 miles and 0.6985*1760 yards= 5 miles and 1229.4 yards

Rollovers should not cause a problem because you should always be aware of roughly how long a ride is before you measure it. For example if you measure a marathon ( ie 26 mile 385 yards or 42.195 km) , you should know the expected distance from your prior check on a map or by the race director's car sufficiently well to distinguish between 26 miles 385 yards and 20 miles 905.4 yards or 31 miles 1624.6 yards.

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