Well done! You have completed the introductory lesson.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Revise this introduction and make sure you understand every part.
  2. If you do not understand something, you may ask the tutor questions at
  3. When you are ready you may download the test paper and carefully complete it, referring back to the introductory pages whenever you wish. Carefully check each calculation twice. It is most important as a measurer that you get into the habit of checking every thing twice. If you make a mistake, you could layout a course wrongly which might result in some very disappointed athletes When you are completely satisfied with your answers send them to
  4. If you make any major numerical mistake in your answer, you will not have demonstrated that you can work accurately, and so you will not be allowed to proceed to the full course. However, if you think that the mistake was an isolated one and will not occur in future, you may ask for a further test paper in order to demonstrate you can calculate without mistakes.
  5. Do not let this draconian approach to mistakes discourage you. When you work through the whole course you will learn techniques for checking your work, and as a back stop when you become a measurer you will send your completed work to a certifier who will check your calculations and your procedure. A high hurdle is placed at the beginning of the course to encourage you to think about the importance of accuracy.
  6. When the tutor is satisfied with your calculations he will email you with an invitation to undertake the full course of ten lessons. If you decide to undertake this you will receive instructions of how to enter the measurers' private area of this website where you will be able to access the lessons.

Click here for the test paper for this introductory lesson. Print the 6 questions (2 pages). Then email the answers to

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