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Certified Courses in NorthSCO

Courses with roads or paths which have unsealed surfaces (ie not tarmac, concrete, paving slabs etc.) are not issued with a Certificate of Course Accuracy to IAAF standards but are issued with a document titled Registered Distance and are highlighted in red below.

Courses which are multi-terrain are issued with a Statement of Measurement and are highlighted in grey below.

Calibration Courses which may used by course measurers are highlighted in green below


Course No
Race Name
Course Name
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15/322 Baxters Loch Ness Marathon Loch Ness Marathon
15/412 Brodie Castle 10k Brodie Castle 10k
16/019 Kinloss to Lossiemouth Half Marathon Kinloss to Lossiemouth Half Mara
16/055 Moray Road Runners 10k Moray Road runners 10k
16/169 Nicol of Skene Westhill 10k Westhill 10k
18/080 Barrathon Barra Half Marathon
18/112 Isle of Skye Half Marathon Isle of Skye Half Marathon
18/113 Isle of Skye Half Marathon Isle of Skye Half Marathon
17/370 Great Aberdeen Run 10k Great Aberdeen Run 10k
17/371 Great Aberdeen Run half marathon Great Aberdeen Run Half
17/495 Lossiemouth Turkey Trot Lossiemouth Turkey Trot
17/495 Moray Road Runners Turkey Trot Lossiemouth Turkey Trot
19/089 Castle of Mey 10k Castle of Mey 10k
18/212 Laggan 10 k Laggan 10k
18/212 Laggan 10k Laggan 10k
18/219 Forres Harriers Benromach 10k Benromach 10k
18/269 St Magnus Marathon St Magnus Marathon
18/275 Shetland Simmer Dim Half Marathon Shetland Simmer Dim Half Marathon
18/290 Harray Half Marathon Harray Half Marathon, Orkney
18/289 St Magnus 10k St Magnus 10k, Orkney
18/319 Inverness Campus 5k Inverness Campus 5k
18/320 Forres Highland Games 10k Forres Highland Games 2018
18/386 Caithness Half Marathon Caithness Half Marathon
18/425 Middleton Trust Road races 10k Middleton Trust Road Races 10k
18/426 Middleton Trust 5k Middleton Tust Road Races 5k
19/115 Inverness Half Marathon Inverness Half Marathon
19/103 Nairn 10k Nairn 10k
19/137 Loch Eriboll Half Marathon Loch Eriboll Half Marathon
19/138 Cape Wrath Challenge Marathon Cape Wrath Challenge Marathon
19/136 Loch Eriboll 10k Loch Eriboll 10k
19/197 Buckie 10k Buckie 10k
19/222 Wick Easter 10k Wick 10k
19/239 Hoy Half marathon Hoy Half Marathon